Social Media Strategies for 2019


As a Social media marketer, We all know the importance of social media for every business. Today, almost every company is focusing on creating more realistic, and effective social media strategies to gain success in their related fields.

No doubt, social media strategies are constantly changing, and so it is hard for social media marketers to understand how social media is changing the game.

To understand this, today we are going to cover all the top social media marketing trends that will be changing the game in 2019. So the coming year is going to be very exciting for social media marketers.


  1. Augmented Reality:

VR headset


No doubt, augmented reality is being implemented in various small ways, but surely, it is leaving a significant impact whose results will be easily viewable in the future. However, according to estimation, the virtual reality markets will exceed $298 billion by 2023. An example of this is snapchat filters.


  1. Focus on the new Generation:


Targeting the new generation in the hour of need. Marketers are now focusing on spending money on targeting the new generation audience. The retail businesses and pop-up stores are offering the most personalised experiences and are becoming a major business trend with social media.


  1. Video:



No doubt, videos will continue to dominate the world of social media. There is a reason why some social media platform copy the success idea of another competitor, just like Instagram has copied the video stories from Snapchat.

Similarly, according to a survey, almost 200 million Instagram users use the Instagram story option each month, so we can easily conclude the effectiveness of creating video content for our social media accounts.

So, all video platforms are giving an advantage to the social media marketers who use them. They enable you to create a more personalised customer experience. Naturally, humans are more visual learners, so videos go beyond what pictures offer.


  1. Live Streaming:

social media marketer making a video


The option of live streaming has introduced a fantastic new opportunity for social media marketing. It has taken the video channels to the next level.

Now people don’t need to worry about creating videos; instead, the can go for a live streaming option to capture the moment and upload on the platform instantly.

The social media marketers can live stream what they are doing to give the targeted customers a behind the screens look of what is going on and how the products are being made.


  1. User-Generated Content:


This is the content that is being generated by unpaid fans of the businesses and which those businesses can use for the promotion of their products. The material could be in any form for photos, videos, and memes, etc. This is one of the best ways to involve customers with a strong business strategy.

By practising this, you can surely get the best lead as a social media marketing marketer in 2019.


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