Why advertising with Facebook is a good idea for businesses


Many people invest in advertising on Facebook. There are good reasons for it. But should you invest as well just because other people are? Wait before investing your hard earned money in Facebook adverts, you need to know why advertising with Facebook is a good idea.

Millions of people use Facebook on a daily basis. Digital marketing has definitely changed a lot over the last two decades, and there is a strong relationship between Facebook users and digital marketing. Facebook now uses complex algorithms to filter what they actually think people will find more interesting. It also offers people opportunities to promote and advertise their products on Facebook.

If you’re still unsure why advertising on Facebook is a good idea, then continue reading the article and we’ll share the best reasons with you.


  • Facebook is for everyone!

With over 1.23 billion users daily, Facebook is one of the greatest social media platforms and has gained a huge reputation and popularity. With so many daily users, one thing is clear: businesses can target their audience easily and can be at the front line of prospective clients. Every type of client you want to target is on Facebook. People log in to their accounts at least 2-3 times in a day to check updates. So for businesses, it’s a great idea to cover your audience via Facebook adverts.


  • Facebook Adverts can be laser targeted!

With that number of users on Facebook, you can be sure your Facebook adverts will get in front of your target customers. Facebook adverts provide maximum opportunity to target the maximum audience you want to be visible to. You can use the following features:

  1. Demographics: break down your audience by age, gender, and geological location.
  2. Interests based on their likes, shares, and comments, and the apps they use.
  3. The list of email subscribers of users in your database.

The best part is that the information Facebook gathers from their users helps to make the advertising even more effective.


  • You can set a clear goal!

Facebook comes with different types of Ads that you can run to achieve different goals.  The first is engagement, and the second is direct response ads.

With the help of engagement ads, you can engage your audience with the content you share. The focus of such ads is to help others learn more about your business. The goal of such ads is to get the audience to respond to your content.

However, with direct response Ads, you can drive leads and sales. These ads allow you to offer a call to action, such as ‘sign up with us’ or ‘call us.’ First, you need to determine why you’re running a particular ad campaign, and then you can use Facebook’s goal setting option.

These are the reasons why advertising with Facebook is a good idea for your business. We wish you good luck with future ad campaigns.

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