Advertising with Facebook

Using Facebook adverts to promote your business isn’t always an easy option. Many people might see the amount of adverts on Facebook and think that it would make sense for them to try it with their business. However, there are some basic rules to consider before spending money on a new ad campaign. In this article we’re going to discuss the most important things to consider when advertising with Facebook.

1. It isn’t great for direct sales

While you can target reasonably specific groups with your Facebook adverts, you have to think of it more as a shotgun approach than a sniper rifle. The trick is to get your potential customer base interested in your product, allow them to browse your social media presence while building a solid relationship, and then expect them to buy in the future.

2. Make sure you have a clear goal in mind

As mentioned, Facebook adverts should be used differently to a normal ad campaign, and it’s important to set yourself some goals before launching your new adverts. Consider simple goals, such as “generating more leads” or “increasing attendance to your seminar or event.” Setting your goals early will help you be more focused in the future, and give you something to measure your success against.

3. Make good use of the system advertising with Facebook

Facebook adverts are all controlled using the ads manager function, which is actually quite clear and easy to use. It’s fully integrated into the standard Facebook format, and gives you 15 “objectives” to choose from when creating your Facebook ads. These range from promoting your page and increasing reach to promoting your product or app. It’s a pretty fool proof system and shouldn’t take too long to understand.

4. Make sure you have a clear target audience in mind

While they might not be great for direct sales, Facebook adverts do give you plenty of options for choosing your audience. This is obviously the most important step of the whole process, so think carefully before selecting. You can choose your audience based on standard parameters, such as age and location, but also on more Facebook-specific ones, such as interests and browsing behaviour. This is an incredibly useful feature, but will probably take some trial and error before you hit the mark.

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5. Set your budget, and order when advertising with Facebook

Facebook ads allow you to set either a daily or lifetime budget (make sure you don’t get the two mixed up). These both allow you to state your maximum spending amount on that advert, and it will never go any higher. You then choose how long you want it to run, and then actually create the advert! This is the easiest part of the process, especially if you’ve run ad campaigns before.

Facebook adverts are a great tool for many different types of business, but it is a different system and requires some playing around before you find the correct settings for your business. After a while, hitting your target audience will become a challenge you’ll look forward to!

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